White Noise for Restful Sleep at the Campground

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sleeping with a fanWe hear it all the time. Our campers mention things they must have in order to be able to sleep, no matter where they are. Some people need to hear the low whirl of a fan near them if they are going to be able to fall asleep. It may have something to do with needing white noise to block out other noises that could keep them awake.

Fortunately, it’s easy enough to do these days. There are all types and sizes of fans available to choose from. You no longer need to bring the big, box fan from home. You know the one, it keeps getting knocked over as you bump into it. Today, there are smaller fans on a pedestal that will oscillate, a fan the fits between your top and bottom sheet in order to cool your sleeping surface, a very expensive type that makes no sound and does not have fan blades, or even small ones that can be hung around your neck. You can even use a phone app instead of an actual fan. There are possibly as many options as there are people who need them.

Your first night or two can bring light sleep when you’re camping. It’s a new environment for some and there are lots of other people spending the night as well. You’ll hear sounds like crackling campfires and low voices of your neighbors. A fan can be an advantage for silencing some of those distractions and some people only use theirs when they are camping.

We hope you rest well when you’re camping with us so be sure to bring whatever device will help you drop off into dreamland. We’re looking forward to seeing you here this year so be sure to make your reservations soon.

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