Use an RV Kitchen Checklist

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RV kitchen checklistNothing ruins a camping trip quicker than realizing that you forgot to pack some of your most important RV kitchen supplies. Having the right cookware, for example, can mean the difference from eating canned soup or roasted chicken and potatoes. Planning for your camping trip meals can be intimidating, but it is made much easier with a RV kitchen checklist.

It’s easy to create one that is personalized just for you. Here are a few suggested items to include in your checklist.

RV Kitchen Essentials



Pots (including a variety of sizes to meet your cooking needs)

Pans (A medium-sized frying pan)

Pot holders




Plastic cups

Coffee mugs

Serving utensils

Cutting board and sharp knife

Mixing bowls

Measuring cups

Measuring spoons





Can opener

Baking sheets and pans



Bottle opener


Coffee maker

Washcloths and Dish Towels



Trash can

Storage containers or storage bags


RV Kitchen Supplies

Paper Towels


Coffee filters

Plastic Wrap

Foil wrap

Dish Soap

Counter Cleaner


Trash bags

You may have additional items that you just can’t live without. Include them! After you’ve finalized your checklist, hang it from a clip board attached to the back of a cabinet door or on the front of your refrigerator. That way it’ll be located in a convenient location for you to grab when you’re ready to make sure that you have everything packed before leaving on your trip.

It only takes a few minutes to go through a RV kitchen checklist, but those few minutes will prevent a lot of frustration and inconvenience for you, particularly if you would have a long distance to drive to purchase the forgotten items. You’ll spend your vacation enjoying the company of friends and family, rather than scrambling to figure out how you are going to prepare your meals without the right supplies.


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