Tips for Storing Camping Gear

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packing tips for campingThey say the worst day of camping is the day you have to pack to leave. That may be true in part because of the amount of gear you now have that needs to be broken down, packed up, and then cleaned for storage once you get home. It helps to get the whole family involved as many hands make light work and it’s also a good idea to set up a system to make the whole thing easier.

Your gear will need to be cleaned and dried before you can pack it away for the next trip. For some people, that might be a year or two so it’s very important to do this right. You can extend the life of your camping gear with a good plan for maintaining it.

Wash all the washable gear as soon as you get home. Large items should be checked for any needed repairs and spread out in a large, well-ventilated area to dry. Once everything is cleaned and dried you are ready to set up your camping gear system.

You can use plastic tubs or large bags if you wish. How you organize these is up to you. You might want to create a bin for the tent and its supplies, one for bedding, one for kids’ items, one for kitchen items, or any way it makes sense to you. The goal is to have all your gear cleaned, dried, and packed in bins, ready to go when you have a chance to go camping again. You can also create a checklist for each bin to use when packing. This will assist you in making sure you have everything you need in each container.

The next time you’re ready to go camping you can simply grab the marked camping bins, pack some food, and be on your way. We hope you have a wonderful time when you’re camping in Virginia. Be sure to make your reservation soon.

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