Staying Cool in Hot Weather

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stay cool in hot weatherIt can be a challenge to stay cool when the weather is hot. Too much heat, during warmer weather, can lead to exhaustion, dehydration, heat stress, and even heat stroke. Here are some helpful tips that can be used to help you stay cool when the weather is hot.

Stay Hydrated – Water is essential for staying cool in warm or hot weather. It can help to cool your body and keep your tissues hydrated. Drink water on hot days, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Avoid sugary drinks and soda, as well as alcohol and coffee, because they can have a diuretic effect. Water is best for cooling off on hot days.

Consume Foods That Are Cooling – Foods can help keep you cool. Choose foods like fresh raw vegetables, fruits, and salads. Make an effort to eat smaller meals which can help keep your core temperature down. When you eat a large meal, your body has a hard time breaking it down, which can raise your body temperature. So, eat small means filled with cooling, fresh foods.

Plan Your Time in the Sun – Avoid doing outside activities during the peak time of the mid-day sun. That means you should limit your sun exposure between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm when the weather is warm or hot. If you must be outside at these times, limit your sun exposure, as much as possible. Children, the elderly, and people with sensitive skin should consider staying a cool area and limiting the amount of time they spend in the sun.

Here are some additional tips. Get to know your body and look for signs of overheating or heat exhaustion. Wear light-colored, protective clothes. And, make sure to drink lots of fluids, especially water. Following these tips will help keep your body healthy, happy, and cool, even on the hottest days of the year.

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