Rainy Day Games for Camping Kids

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rainy day gamesSo, you’ve decided to spend the week at a campground and the sky suddenly opens up! We’ve all been there. The fun doesn’t have to end just because it’s raining however! As long as you prepare a few games beforehand, you’ll still have all you need to enjoy some time with the family. With that in mind, here are some rainy day games for camping kids and the whole family are sure to love:

1 – Simple Card Games

Simple, easy to understand card games like Uno and Go Fish are always fun no matter what age you are. The whole family can play one another and have a blast. Best of all, branded decks of such games tend to be incredibly affordable, and they obviously travel well since there’s not much to worry about regarding their size!

2 – Twenty Questions

If you want to save even more money, how about something that’s completely free? Twenty Questions is a wonderful guessing game that everyone can join in on quite easily. One of the best options is to assign a character to each individual and have them ask questions until they can guess who they are.

3 – Charades

In the same vein, you might also want to try a simple game of charades. This is an absolute classic where one person does their best to mime hints until everyone else in the group can guess which word, person, or character has been chosen. You can play as a group or even in teams, and the laughs are sure to flow freely.

There are other options of course, but try to stick to word games or anything with basic enough directions that everyone can grasp. Kids hate to feel excluded! As long as you can play as a family or group of friends and keep the mood light, you’ll have all you need to keep the rain from ruining your trip!

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