Make Your Own Insect Repellents

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homemade insect repellentAny outdoors activity will expose you and guests to insects. This includes your camping trips, drinks out on the patio, parties at the beach and barbecues. Most of these insects have germs that can cause illnesses. For this reason, you’ll want to have plenty of insect repellent on hand during your outdoor activities. Most of the over the counter remedies have strong chemicals that aren’t good for your health or your body over the course of time. For this reason, you’ll want to make your own healthier versions of insect repellent. Here you’ll learn some very effective homemade insect repellent recipes.

There are some ideal essential oils out there that are very effective at repelling those vicious insects. Tea tree oil is one that works well against deer flies, ticks, and chiggers. If you’re out to alleviate black flies or mosquitoes you’ll want to try some eucalyptus and lemon. Both of these work very well to help eliminate them. Another great remedy is peppermint oil and geranium oil blended together.

Never apply full-strength essential oil on your skin, it may burn your skin and cause a serious allergic reaction. Always mix it with a carrier oil prior to putting it on your skin. It’s far better to use one essential oil at a time as you prepare an insect repellent. If you’re going to mix the scents always choose essential oils that are from the same family. Lemon and lemon-grass go well together as do lavender and eucalyptus. Tea tree oil and clove oil should always be used alone.

Another way to use lavender oil is to mix it with rosemary and peppermint oil to form your own version of an insect repellent. These are vital things to remember when you’re preparing your own versions of insect repellent.

Thus, your camping trips, barbecues and your parties on the beach or patio will be far more enjoyable when you employ these techniques to avoid insect bites. You’ll learn to mix and match your own preferred versions of these as you go. Just mix them in a spray bottle for best results.

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