Keeping Bugs at Bay

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keeping bugs at bayCampers just want to spend quality time with family and friends. They don’t want to be bombarded with flying insects or crawling ants. We can offer a few solutions to help keep your camping trip bug-free.

Avoid Perfumes And Deodorized Lotion.
Bugs are attracted to sweet smells. This means that if your skin smells sweet, then you are likely to get bit a lot. To prevent this, pack mild deodorant and odorless lotion or jelly for your trip. This will ensure your skin stays soft while keeping the bugs at bay.

Wear Long Sleeves.
Even when you have no perfume to attract the bugs, they may end up biting you if they have access to your arms and legs. This is why it is advisable to wear long-sleeved t-shirts and ensure that you have covered your legs properly. If it is too hot then you can wear light materials or lace.

Buy Bug Repellent Cream Or Spray.
You should invest in a good bug repellent cream or spray to keep the bugs away from your skin. Ensure that you check online for the creams or sprays that have had the best reviews and purchase them. This should help you have a comfortable trip with no disturbances from bugs.

Light A Fire.
Instead of a flashlight which will most likely attract bugs at night, light a campfire. If you want to sleep with the fire on, then you should ensure you light a small manageable fire. This should prevent any fire-related accidents.

In addition to all these, try applying garlic or coconut oil. They’re good natural bug repellents.

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