Group Camping Tips

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group camping tipsPlenty of people would like to camp in groups but they avoid it because they feel it is just too much work trying to get everyone organized and on the same page. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, and we can help you get all your little ducks in order. It really is possible to get all your tenters, RVers, and cabin campers in one place for the same period of time. We can help make it happen.

Choose the Leader and Set the Date – Once you decide who the main hub person will be then you can decide on the date for your camping trip. The leader can work with us to determine which dates are open for all the types of campers you have in your group.

Organize the Gear – A spreadsheet helps to organize all the gear that is needed and who is bringing what. If you share the spreadsheet, like on Google Docs, each person can readily see and be reminded what they are to bring.

Schedule the Activities – Again, the shared doc will help everyone to know what will be happening. You can create the calendar of activities and even assign rolls to each member of the group. If it’s Bob’s turn to cook lunch on Wednesday, he can see that on the shared spreadsheet.

Make it Memorable – Assign a group photographer. Everyone will be taking photos but it typically ends up that no one managed to capture a particular event. Your assigned photographer can be the contact for everyone after the trip. They can all send their photos to that person who is responsible for organizing and sharing them with the group.

You’ll have a ball and make good memories when your family or favorite group get together for a camping trip. We can help you organize all the different types of sites needed and we’ll do our best to keep everyone as close together as possible. Give us a call to plan your next group camping trip.

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