Dry Rubs for Grilled Chicken

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dry rub recipes for campingDry rubs are all the rage these days for flavoring grilled foods. They are popular for campers because they are inexpensive to create, can be stored for a long time, and you can make them ahead to bring them along with you when you go camping. One person we spoke with finds a lot of their recipes on Pinterest. She told us the following:

“I opened the Pinterest app in my phone and searched for dry rub recipes for meat and found several recipes I didn’t see when I searched online. I found a variety of recipes and even found some that only needed a few ingredients in order to make. I showed them to my husband because he is the one that wanted to find them. He looked over them and said he hadn’t tried any of these before and they were all really great ideas to try out. I was excited because they looked so good and I couldn’t wait to try each one of them.

Of all the recipes I saved, my husband wanted to try out a few of them at the same time. I showed him where to find them on my phone and he was easily able to see where they were on Pinterest. The best thing about these recipes on there were that they were on the Pin and I didn’t need to visit the website to get them. He was able to easily figure out what he needed and how much of each thing he needed too.”

We see a lot of barbequeing going on here at the campground and we found some dry rub recipes for chicken that you might like to try. You can see them at 4 Easy Chicken Rubs for Campsite Cooking. We hope all your camping meals are easy and delicious. We look forward to seeing youaround the campground.


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