Do Pets Need Sunscreen?

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dogs need sunscreenYou might be protecting yourself and the members of your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays with an effective sunscreen. But did you stop to think about your dog? Do pets really need sunscreen? You might be surprised to hear that your dog also needs protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Although the fur on your dog will protect it to a certain extent. It is not enough to offer an overall protection. Your dog’s skin can be burned due to the UV rays and increase the risk of skin cancer in the long run. That’s why you need to choose a suitable sunscreen product for your pet. This read offers information on the importance of applying a sunscreen on your loving pet.
You should find a sunscreen that is specially designed for dogs. You may consult your veterinarian for recommendations in this regard. If you cannot find a dog-specific sunscreen to apply on your pet, look for a sunscreen that is safe for human babies. It should do the trick after all. Zinc oxide is a common ingredient in almost all sunscreens on the market. But it could be toxic if your pet eats it due to the zinc. That’s why you need to check the label of the product before you decide to buy a sunscreen for your dog.
A dog could have allergic reactions to certain ingredients in the sunscreen. Hence, you need to test it first by applying a small amount of the sunscreen on a small area. Keep an eye on the dog’s behavior and its skin to see if there are any reactions. You don’t need to apply the sunscreen to all areas of your dog. Just make sure to cover the exposed areas with the sunscreen for better protection when going out in the sun.

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