Camping With Pets for the First Time

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camping with petsCampers love to bring their dogs camping and we love it when they do. A lot of dogs have been traveling along with their people for years and know the routine. If you have a new dog or one that hasn’t been camping before it can be a stressful experience for them. We found some tips to make it a wonderful time for you both.

Before you go

Make sure you dog is used to traveling in your car or RV. Take them on a few short road trips before the big day so they are comfortable with the trip and you know how they will respond.

Let them explore your tent or RV. If they are familiar with their environment before you arrive they will be able to settle in that much more quickly when you get here.

Take them on some nice, long walks before your camping trip so they will be able to manage all the walking that can happen in a campground. If they are socialized to people they will not be intimidated by the sound of kids, smell of smoke, and all around fun things that happen all day  while camping.

Be sure to bring their vaccination records with you – just in case. In the event that you have to take them to a Vet in the area, this will help the new Vet treat them quickly and safely.

We know you pets are like family to you and we look forward to meeting you fur baby when you arrive. Call us for a reservation and we’ll see you in 2017!

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