Camping is Good for Your Health

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camping is good for healthPart of the healthy aspect of camping is just your time away from the everyday work and responsibilities of life. It provides you with time to let the noise die down in your brain and catch up on time with friends and family. Even if you only spend time reading and staring into the campfire it will help to calm and relax you in a very short time.

It might seem like a lot of work to pack for the trip, unpack at the campsite, then pack up to go home but most will say it is overwhelmingly worth it. The benefits you will reap may last you for quite awhile and you’ll go home happier than when you came. What could be better than that?

You will sleep longer, breath deeper, and laugh louder during your stay. Those things push fresh oxygen through your blood, stimulate your heart, and organize the working of your brain. You’ll be firing on all cylinders in just a day or two which feels fantastic. We see plenty of campers arrive on Friday night looking tired and stressed but completely happy and refreshed by the next afternoon. Parents get more quality time with kids, couples get more us time, siblings get more play time together, and grandparents absolutely glow as they watch their loved ones all around them.

That improves the other kind of heart health – the kind that makes your heart sing when you tuck a toddler in after they have played themselves completely out for the day.

We know that life is busy and we think that is all the more reason to take the time to step away from it all and go camping. We’d love to see you here for a little camping R & R.

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