2019 Campground Advertising Contract

Inside Ad Sizes & Pricing

Pricing includes 1 hour of graphic design production rated at $50 per hour

Full Two Page Spread + Digital Banner
(not center spread)
Full Page + Digital Banner $2,100.00
Half Page + Digital Banner $1,100.00
Quarter Page $500.00
Eighth Page $250.00

Premium Ad Sizes & Pricing

Pricing includes a digital banner & 1 hour of graphic design time rated at $50 per hour

Center Spread RESERVED $5,000.00
Outside Back Cover $3,700.00
Inside Front Cover RESERVED $3,250.00
Inside Back Cover $3,250.00

Advertising Contract

    Pricing includes 1 hour of graphic design time rated at $50 per hour
  • After June 15, 2018 payment in full will be due 30 days from date of contract.
    Please make checks payable to:
    Virginia Campground Association
    PO Box 917
    Hayes, VA 23072

Advertisement Specifications

The Virginia Campground Directory is a full color CMYK publication.

  • Acceptable ad format files include PDF, TIFF and EPS with fonts embedded
  • All photographic images must be 300dpi
  • Logos & artwork must be vector or 600dpi
  • Accepted Media CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or email

Trim Size:  8-3/8″w x 10-7/8″h (8.375 x 10.875)

Live Area:  7-3/8″w x 10-1/8″h (7.375 x 10.125)

Only Double Spread & Full Page ads may bleed allowing an extra 1/8″ beyond trim for each bleed size.

Advertisements must adhere to the dimensions and specifications. If an ad is submitted in a size or formatted other than stated, publisher reserves the right to alter it to fit the space.

Questions? Please contact the publisher, Hilton Snowdon, 804.384.6986 or HiltonSnowdon@gmail.com.