Get the Kids Singing Around the Campfire

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Campfire Songs for KidsMost of us remember when several rounds of camping song favorites were part of every evening around the campfire. We all had a few we liked best and loved learning new ones from friends we’d meet during our camping trips. These songs can be just as much fun for your kids now as they were for you back in the day. Some were funny and some served up a life lesson. Either way, they were a big part of the entertainment.





This Land is Your Land – We all loved this patriotic song and it made us all feel like part of this big family we call the United States of America. Teach it to your kids and watch them sing with pride. It’s wonderful.

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah – This one made us laugh and we all rushed to memorize it. Do you remember? Mosquitoes and aligators? How about Malaria and a search party? Your kids will laugh just as you did when you sing it to them.

Do Your Ears Hang Low?– Do they wobble to and fro? This one is catchy and even the littlest campers will love it. They will laugh at the idea of tying their ears in a know or a bow. It’s short and sweet, easy to remember. They’ll love it.

These are some fun ones to get you started. You can find more at 50 Great Camp Songs for Kids. We hope your little ones love them as much as you love revisiting them on your next camping trip.

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