A Tent Camping Checklist

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tent campingOne of the first things you should have for your tent camping adventures is a camping checklist. There are a lot of things to remember and having a reminder list will save you from running out of things during your trip or finding yourself without something you really need. In this brief post, we are going to mention some of the most important things to include in your next tent camping checklist.

This is the first thing to include in your checklist. Before you leave, practice setting it up and taking it down. This will ensure that you have all the parts.

Sleeping Bags
You will also need a sleeping bag and a pillow. If you are able to bring your car, you can consider a sleeping pad, air mattress or cot.

Food and Cooking Equipment
Food is essential and so is cooking equipment. Consider a camp stove and a cooking pot and if you are backpacking, consider foods that will not spoil and are easy to carry around. If you have the luxury to bring a cooler, pack your favorite meals and drinks as well.

You should have a way to get fresh water, and that means carrying a water filter, particularly if you are backpacking. However, if you are going to a campsite where fresh water is provided, just bring some jugs.

Footwear and Clothing
This will vary depending on what you are doing but, it’s important to have at least one change of clothes, socks, regular shoes and hiking boots. Also, consider a jacket to keep you warm on cold nights.

Personal Supplies
This varies widely depending on your needs, but you’ll certainly need some personal items to keep yourself clean. Toothbrush, lanterns, money, ID, credit cards, first aid kit, rope and duct tape are some of the things you shouldn’t forget to include on your checklist.

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