A Camping First Aid List For Your Dogs

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Pet first aid kit for RVersYour dogs love camping as much as you do and we want their trip to be all fun and no problems. Having a pet first-aid kit along with you will help when you least expect it. You can quickly heal a small injury and get back to enjoying the trip when you have what you need close at hand. Some things we recommend bringing along are as follows:

Bandages – you’ll need a few of the butterfly style and some that are larger patches
Gauze – have a roll of this handy. It can be useful for keeping bandages on as well.
Tick remover, tweezers, small magnifying glass, and small scissors.
Eye drops and something to sooth their feet if they spend too much time in rough terrain.
Bring their prescription medication and their vaccination records with you at all times. This can save much needed time in an emergency and assist your visited Vet in providing the proper care.

You should also bring along their beds from home and some of their favorites toys. These added comforts can be reassuring to your pet when they are in an unfamiliar environment. Make sure to keep them on a leash at all times when they are outside your RV and try not to leave them alone at the campsite.

You can learn of more supplies to pack into your pet firs-aid kit by watching the video below. Each animal has their own specific needs so be sure to customize your kit to your pet. You can make a checklist for your kit and use it to refill after each camping trip. That will help you to be sure you’ll have the items you need and won’t have to scramble to find them if your pet is in need.

We hope your camping and RVing is rewarding for you and your pet. Stay safe and carry first-aid. It’s a good plan.

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